Alexa Chung fala do seu estilo e designers preferidos

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"Alexa on her personal style:
‘I reckon I’ve got it nailed so if he [boyfriend Alex Turner] doesn’t like something, he’s the one who’s wrong: “You just stick with the music.” I’m quite proud of the fact that geeky, deeply asexual dressing has become cool. If I’m at a festival and I see a girl in a sack, I think: “My demographic!” It’s good to promote a different look. I still think it’s cooler to get something for a fiver in a charity shop than spend five grand in Versace.’

On anorexia claims:
‘I don’t expect everyone to like me. It’s just not realistic or how the world works. If someone I’ve never met is mean about me, it doesn’t matter. But I cannot express how frustrating it is to not be believed when you say, ‘I don’t have an eating disorder’. I am naturally very thin. I get even thinner when I’m stressed. And you cannot imagine how stressed I was last year. It was really f***ing hard work and I had to keep saying how great MTV was, how I was having the best time, while looking like I’m dying. Anyone could see that I wasn’t doing great and I wasn’t coping that well with it. But it angers me because I then don’t want to be a pin-up for young girls just for being thin. I don’t want to be admired for being thin as opposed to being dressed well, and I don’t want the two to get confused. It really upsets me. That’s why I stopped using Twitter for a while because I was getting so much s*** about being anorexic. And I am not! I am genuinely not.’

On starting her own label:
‘I’ve always loved fashion, but I turn down so many collaborations. It’s all tied up in integrity. In the future I’d really like to start my own label – but I’d want people to believe that I’d actually done it. I’d take a pattern-cutting course first, learn the ins and out of design. Do it all properly.’

On her favourite designers:
Isabel Marant, definitely. I used to love Luella. I’m so p***ed off and hurt that the label closed. Phillip Lim is a new obsession for me. He makes things that are always a bit classic, so they’re not going to look stupid in five years time. I’m quite practical in how I buy, I want to know that I’ll always have it in my wardrobe. I also love Chanel, Miu Miu, Marni, Dries Van Noten. The list goes on. Céline is my new dream look – but who can afford it?’"

Alexa Chung, interview in November ELLE.


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  1. nao sei porque mas nao vou nada com ela! nao me chama nada a atencao! E sinceramente nao sei como e que ela chegou a este ponto de celebridade. Eu a primeira e unica vez que a vi foi a apresentar um programa de musica aqui em londres, nada mais do que isso.

  2. A sério? Eu gosto bastante do à-vontade do estilo dela. Acho muito inspirador!

    beijinho :)*